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Heechul is leaving “War of Words”

Heechul recorded his last episode of “War of Words” Today. He’s leaving the show!

I think it’s incredibly sad that he’s leaving like this. In my opinion, he never said anything offensive to anyone.His words were always careful and had truth on their side. Some people are just overly sensitive and hateful.Poor thing must have gone through a lot of trouble to decide to leave like this 😦

I hope he finds something great to do now, like MCing a show or a new Drama. Good Luck, Heechul Oppa!

KimHeenim: War of Words team told me they didn’t have an Anna cake, so they congratulated my birthday with an Elsa cake instead. They’re witty, kk.., And today is my last War of Words recording.., Just me.., Just me…, Kk…, I will write more details after the recording. #warofwords

kimheenim: Ended the last recording of <War of Words> well. It’s bittersweet^-^ Talking about the people around me during broadcast was really.. tough. If I say I’m doing the broadcast I cause harm to those around me, if I cover up those around me I cause harm to the broadcast.. ‘Let’s be calm. Let’s be careful when talking’ before recording I always resolve to do this before going in.. But this is really.. I couldn’t be calm. Eventually at the end of much worrying is the conclusion that ‘if I can’t do it well then let’s get off’ with this emotional burden I talked to the War of Words team, and the War of Words team also understood my worries and felt that it was a pity. To the viewers and those who received hurt from my words.. Although I can’t wash off everything just by saying sorry, I will forever keep all these things in my heart and I will do broadcast being extra careful when speaking. Although it’s embarrassing to say this when I’m already 32 years old, I will become a more mature Kim Heechul, sorry and thank you, and I love you^-^


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Heechul in a Mini Skirt!!!

He’s trying to kill us again!!

His Weibo and Instagram updates were insane today!!

140604 kimheenim: this Friday at 9:50pm on TVN go go~ buing buing~♡ (with Jang Gwang

140604 希天才: Sorry that your owner is like this … Enjoy watching

KimHeenim: Ah right! Why didn’t I think of barging into Sukira while wearing this?! I shot it at the Yeouido park right next to (Sukira).. Ah I should have blown everyone’s mind.. I came home like this, and Heebum-ee is charging at me to kill me.

And then he posted a video of him cross dressing and dancing to A-Pink!


Heechul M&B Magazine


Read the full untranslated article here: http://mnbmagazine.joins.com/magazine/article.asp?magazine=204&articleId=EM4NTWZ9D7DDJE


Grandpas Over Flowers Heechul set photos


@kimheenim With Teacher Jang Gwang from <Flower Grandpa Investigation Team>. Totally different from the movie, he is really just, it’s great(?) Keke Just close by, Dorobbong Lee Dong Hae is shooting the teaser of <God’s Quiz


Heechul at Seoul Fashion Week (Lie Sang Bong 2014)

Heechul attending Lie Sang Bong’s show at Seoul Fashion week 2014.

Heechul: Seoul Fashion Week Lie Sang Bong Collection


Kimheenim: I will go and come back from Teacher Lee Sangbong’s fashion show. I cut Geonhee off because of the size of the picture. It’s not good that pictures are getting cut on Instagram. I have to withdraw from it. Let’s go to Facebook! facebook.com/heenim1818

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WGM Global Press Conference